What and How Should I Practice on Guitar

Mar 21, 2024

As a guitar instructor, one question I encounter frequently, especially from beginners, is about how and what they should practice. It's a fundamental query that sets the trajectory for their musical journey. Here's what I often tell them:

In the beginning stages, everyone treads a similar path. Whether you're strumming for the first time or aiming to master intricate solos, the journey starts with the basics. These fundamentals encompass everything from fretting techniques to clean chord transitions, picking, strumming, and a grasp of basic music theory. It's a phase where foundational skills are honed, setting the groundwork for future progress.

Once you've navigated through this initial phase, it's time for introspection. You must ask yourself a crucial question: Why do I want to play guitar? This question might appear trivial at first glance, but it's pivotal. Your answer acts as a compass, guiding you toward your musical destination.

Imagine you're drawn to the cozy ambiance of campfire gatherings, strumming open chords while singing along. Your path diverges significantly from someone aspiring to be a blues maestro or a virtuoso fingerstyle player. Understanding your musical aspirations in detail is crucial. Do you envision yourself mastering a particular genre? Are you aiming for a professional level of proficiency and willing to invest the time and effort it demands?

While the temptation to dabble in various styles might be strong, focusing on one path at a time yields better results. It's about prioritizing your goals and channeling your energy effectively. Each musical journey is unique, shaped by personal aspirations, dedication, and willingness to work hard.

So, whether you're strumming chords by the fireside or shredding intricate solos on stage, remember that mastering the guitar isn't just about practicing—it's about practicing with purpose. Understanding your musical motivations and charting a clear course forward paves the way for a fulfilling musical voyage. So, pick up your guitar, delve deep into your aspirations, and let the music guide you on your journey toward mastery.


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