About Me

My name is Erich Andreas and I am PASSIONATE about creating amazing guitar players!  Since 2006, guitar students have known me online as YourGuitarSage where they have watched my videos over 150 million times!  I have over 750,000 happily enrolled students in my courses to date and have the largest and most successful single guitar lessons course in the world (based on student count: over 290k students and reviews). I have written a #1 Best-seller book on Amazon (Guitar Mastery Simplified), have been featured in the Wall Street Journal regarding how my lessons were changing the guitar lesson industry, and was voted #1 in TrueFire’s “Next Top Instructor 2015”

But that is NOT where I started…I started playing guitar at age 14 and veraciously consumed ANY guitar material I could get ahold of.  In high school, I played live/studio in several bands, and in college enrolled as a classical guitar major.  In 1990, I moved to Nashville to pursue a career in music where I still play live today.  Since those early days, I have taught over 10,000, 1-on-1 guitar lessons!  I TOLD you I was passionate about this! :) I am also very zealous about helping the world AND living an outstanding life. Over the years, I have donated over $4,000,000 of courses, guitars, and other gear to students, US veterans, and other charitable organizations.  I am living my dream of working with people I love and teaching the world how to play guitar.  I currently live in Florida where I spend much of my time outdoors, working out, playing guitar, teaching, doing yoga, meditating, and spending copious amounts of time with my family and friends. My current musical project that I am very proud to be part of is, “Gabriel The Bull”.  If you love Spanish guitars, spaghetti westerns, and rock music, you will LOVE this project.  You can find us anywhere online where music is streamed.

I would LOVE for you to be part of my family and see what this is all about!  Thank you for stopping by!


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Erich Andreas aka YourGuitarSage playing guitar with his band Gabriel the Bull