How to Play - Rich Men North of Richmond

country song lesson Aug 18, 2023

 This "controversial", viral song, "Rich Men North of Richmond" by Oliver Anthony seems to have a sentiment that a lot of people are resonating with. Let's learn this simple yet seemingly already classic country song that you will have under your fingers in just a few short minutes.

The song is in the key of G minor which we can easily play by clipping a capo at the third fret. The chords in sequential order are:

E-, C, G, and D.  Each chord is played for one measure and repeats this pattern throughout the entire song for all sections.  That makes the entire rhythmic motif, 4 measures long.

The strumming rhythm has a shuffle feel with the actual strumming motif being:

1  2+  +4+

There is also a slight "chord noodling" lick that Oliver does when he plays the D chord formation. I cover this in detail in the video. 

Please share this video with another guitar friend and sing this great anthem loud and proud! Our voices need to be heard.



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