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ear training Sep 06, 2023



Ear training is a crucial skill for musicians of all levels. It allows them to identify notes, chords, and melodies by ear, enhancing their overall musicality and understanding of music. Many beginners believe they lack a natural ear for music, but this is a myth that needs to be debunked. Ear training can be learned and improved over time through dedicated practice and the right method. In this blog post, we will explore the "Hum and Hunt" method, an effective and easy-to-follow approach for beginners to develop their ear training skills.

1. Debunking the Myth:

Before diving into the Hum and Hunt method, it's essential to dispel the myth that some people are incapable of improving their ear training abilities. The truth is, everyone can get better at ear training with consistent practice. I know this from personal experience of improving my ear over several decades and working with several thousand students. Believing in one's ability to learn is the first step towards progress.

2. Introducing the Hum and Hunt Method:

The Hum and Hunt method is a beginner-friendly approach to ear training. It involves the following steps:

- Step 1: Hum a note

- Step 2: Play a note on the guitar

- Step 3: Determine if the played note is higher or lower than the hummed note

- Step 4: Move chromatically on one string to find the correct note

3. Practicing the Hum and Hunt Method:

I encourage you to start with a this simple one string exercise and gradually progress to more complex melodies and chords. By consistently practicing the method, learners become more in tune with their instruments and develop a stronger understanding of pitch and intervals.

4. Understanding the Benefits:

By challenging oneself with this method, learners not only improve their ear training but also strengthen their overall musicianship. The process of scanning the notes chromatically and searching for the correct pitch fosters a deep connection with the instrument and helps musicians become more comfortable with the guitar neck.

5. Applying the Method to Melodies and Chords:

Once learners have mastered the Hum and Hunt method for single notes, you can start applying it to melodies and chords. By using a known note as a reference point, musicians can easily figure out melodies and harmonies and play them confidently on their instruments.


In conclusion, the Hum and Hunt method is a powerful tool for beginners to develop their ear training skills. By humming a note, searching for it on the guitar, and using chromatic movement to find the correct pitch, learners can improve their ability to recognize and reproduce musical sounds. With dedicated practice and belief in their learning potential, musicians can overcome the myth of being "tone-deaf" and progress towards becoming more accomplished musicians. Ear training is a journey, and the Hum and Hunt method is an excellent starting point for anyone embarking on this musical adventure. So grab your guitar and start practicing; you'll be amazed at how quickly this skill will grow.

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