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Are you eager to enhance your guitar skills and progress faster than ever? In this blog post, I will share four fundamental principles that, if applied, can revolutionize your guitar playing. With over 35 years of experience as a guitarist and instructor, I have learned valuable lessons through online lessons, one-on-one sessions, and extensive reading. I invite you to learn from my mistakes and embrace these must-dos for guitar learning success.

Learn Concepts in Order

Learning concepts in a structured manner is crucial for optimal progress. Similar to any skill or subject, we understand and retain information best when it is presented in a logical sequence. Trying to leapfrog or skip essential steps can hinder your development. Therefore, it is essential to prioritize learning guitar concepts in the right order.

By seeking a reputable teacher, method, or book with positive reviews, you can ensure a step-by-step approach to learning. A well-structured curriculum will guide you through the foundational elements, gradually building your skills and knowledge. This systematic approach sets a solid foundation for your guitar journey, preventing frustration and enabling smoother advancement.

Focus on Your "Why"

Understanding your personal motivation or "why" for playing the guitar is paramount. It is all too easy to become distracted by others' accomplishments or the desire to imitate their path. However, by defining your own purpose and aligning your practice accordingly, you can maximize your progress.

Identify your musical aspirations and goals. Whether you strive to become a skilled blues player, excel in jazz, or master a specific genre, focus on your unique path. By directing your practice toward your desired style, such as learning blues scales, chords, and progressions, you channel your efforts effectively. This approach ensures that your practice sessions become purpose-driven, leading to significant returns on your time investment.

Embrace the Deep Work Concept

Deep work, a concept popularized by Cal Newport in his book of the same name, emphasizes intense focus and uninterrupted practice sessions. By entering a state of deep concentration, you can enhance your brain's ability to absorb and retain information.

When practicing, dedicate uninterrupted blocks of time to immerse yourself in a specific area of study. For example, if you want to master the major scale, devote an hour of undistracted practice solely to that skill. Eliminate distractions like social media, phone notifications, or interruptions, and dive into the subject matter. This deliberate and focused approach stimulates neural connections and accelerates your learning.

Surround Yourself with Better Players

To truly excel as a guitarist, it is essential to surround yourself with musicians who are more skilled and experienced than you. Being a small fish in a big pond allows you to challenge yourself and continuously strive for improvement. In contrast, being the most skilled player in a limited environment can hinder your growth.

By immersing yourself in a community of talented musicians, such as joining local jam sessions or seeking out mentors, you expose yourself to new ideas, techniques, and musical perspectives. The competition and inspiration provided by others' abilities will push you to develop and evolve as a guitarist.


By embracing these four essential principles, you can supercharge your guitar learning journey. Learning concepts in order, focusing on your personal "why," practicing with deep concentration, and surrounding yourself with superior players are the keys to accelerated progress. Start implementing these principles today, and witness the positive transformation in your playing. Remember, it's never too late to adopt these strategies and elevate your guitar skills to new heights.


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