Ten Tasty Blues Licks

In this quick series, I show you 10 of my favorite, most USEFUL blues licks that you can use in many different blues scenarios.  These licks can be played over multiple styles in multiple keys for a non-stop blues vocabulary.  These will also inspire you to create many of your own licks.  We learned to speak, by mimicking the phrases of our parents and siblings.  Learn to play solo guitar, by mimicking guitar greats.  The journey starts here. 

01. Blues Licks Intro

02. Triple A Lick

03. Repeating A

04. Just A Descending Scale

05. Pick 4 A

06. Full A Bends

07. Classic Low A Resolve

08. Classic High A Resolve

09. Classic High A Resolve 2

10. Classic High A Resolve 3

11. Classic Low A Resolve Extended

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