December Giveaway 2023

Prizes include: Fender Player Stratocaster, Zager ZAD20E, YGS Platinum Membership + daily course giveaways.

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December 16th, 2023 Prize List!

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Fender Player Series Stratocaster ($850 value)

Fender's Player Series Stratocaster puts a contemporary spin on the iconic Strat. Now available at Guitar Center, the Player Stratocaster is primed to inspire players of all levels with its versatile sound and smooth playability. This limited-edition model features an alder body with a glossy finish and a maple fretboard for a crisp, articulate tone. Powered by three newly designed Player Series single-coil Stratocaster pickups, it delivers the unmistakable bell-like highs, punchy mids and solid low end that have come to define the Stratocaster sound.


New Pickups Provide Endless Tonal Possibilities

The heart of the Player Stratocaster's tone lies in its three Player Series single-coil pickups. Designed by Fender specifically for this guitar, these pickups provide a wide range of tones from glassy and chimey to warm and rounded. The pickup selector switch gives players instant access to neck, middle, bridge or all three pickups at once for a variety of combinations. Roll the tone knob up or down to cut highs for a warmer, more vintage inspired tone or keep them open for extra sparkle.


Comfortable Contours and Fast, Easy Playability

Everything about the Player Stratocaster is designed for comfort and speed. Its alder body contours to the shape of your body, while the modern C-shaped neck profile offers an ideal balance of thickness and shallowness. A 9.5" fretboard radius and medium jumbo frets also facilitate smooth bending and fretting. For players seeking maximum expression, the two-point fulcrum vibrato bridge provides subtle pitch bending effects.


A Timeless Design with Modern Appeal

While the Player Stratocaster pays homage to the classic Stratocaster design, small touches give it a contemporary vibe. A synthetic bone nut and bent steel saddles on the bridge provide exceptional tuning stability and sustain. Understated cosmetic upgrades like the parchment pickguard and control knobs also lend a sleek, modern esthetic. Overall, the Player Stratocaster delivers the perfect blend of vintage-inspired sound and style with present-day playability and performance.



  1. Gloss-finish solid alder body

  2. 25.5"-scale bolt-on maple neck with 22-fret, 9.5"-radius maple fingerboard

  3. Three Fender Player Series Stratocaster single-coil pickups, 5-way switch

  4. 2-point fulcrum tremolo bridge with vintage-style bent steel saddles, sealed, die-cast tuners


Value $850

Zager ZAD20E ($1,195 value)


  • Full-size dreadnought the most popular guitar size in the world.
  • Solid wood construction sounds better every year as it ages.
  • Built-in “Fishman” transducer allows you to plug into any amplifier or PA system and play it like a full electric guitar.
  • Built-in “Fishman” automatic tuner system tunes your guitar perfectly in seconds and if you’re a beginner actually trains your ear for perfect pitch.
  • Built-in “Fishman” equalizer gives you infinite sound possibilities allowing you to dial in the perfect sound.
  • Hand-carved bracing for greater movement of the soundboard providing a richer sound.
  • Slim neck design feels natural in your hand making it easier to form chords.
  • Custom string spacing for greater speed and accuracy (and less rattles).
  • Zager soft touch fret design for less string bite and finger fatigue.
  • Adjustable truss rod to raise or lower action depending on your playing style.
  • Special ultra-thin high gloss finish allows more movement of the body for deeper sound
  • Hand-carved bone nut and saddle. (Found on predominantly $1500+ guitars).
  • Hand-laid abalone inlay rosette with pearl fret markers.
  • Genuine Grover tuning machines (best in the world).

Value $1,195

YGS Platinum Membership ($1,197 value)


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Courses/Products Included (click the course names to learn more):


The Unstoppable Guitar System

  1. UGS Pro Lifetime Membership ($685 value)



  1. 365 Guitar Plan ($79 value)

  2. CAGED Freedom: Complete ($29.99 value)

  3. Songwriting Hit Mastery w/ Melissa Peirce ($39.99 value)

  4. Nashville Number System: The Ultimate Guitar Hack ($14.99 value)

  5. How to Break Down a Guitar Solo ($14.99 value)

  6. Singing and Playing Guitar ($14.99 value)

  7. Creating Melodic Chord Progressions: Chord Noodling ($14.99 value)

  8. Campfire Guitar Lessons: Ultimate Strumming, Chords, Capos, & Songs Super Course ($14.99 value)

  9. How to Practice Guitar ($14.99 value)

  10. Bar Chords- Mini Course ($9.99 value)

  11. How To Play Slide Guitar with RJ Ronquillo ($39.99 value)

  12. The Phrase Trainer with Robbie Calvo ($39.99 value)

  13. Introduction To Speed Picking with Jeff Duke ($14.99 value)

  14. Ultimate Worship Guitar with Dave Cleveland ($39.99 value) 


Blues Courses

  1. Blues Lead Guitar for Beginners ($89 value)

  2. Blues Rhythm Guitar Mastery - Channeling the Blues Legends ($79 value)

  3. Minimalistic Blues 2.0 ($69 value)

  4. Beginner Blues Rhythm Guitar with Corey Congilio ($39.99 value)

  5. Intermediate Blues Rhythm Guitar with Corey Congilio ($39.99 value)

  6. Beginner Blues Lead Guitar with Corey Congilio ($39.99 value)

  7. Blues By Yourself with Corey Congilio ($39.99 value)


Fingerstyle Guitar Courses

  1. How to Play Fingerstyle Guitar - My Direct Method ($69 value)

  2. Complete Fingerstyle Guitar - Beginner Fingerpicking with Joe Robinson ($79.99 value)

  3. Complete Fingerstyle Guitar - Intermediate Fingerpicking with Joe Robinson ($79.99 value)

  4. Complete Fingerstyle Guitar - Advanced Fingerpicking with Joe Robinson ($79.99 value)


Visual Jam Tracks

  1. Blues Visual Jams • Pack 1 ($40 value)

  2. Blues Visual Jams • Pack 2 ($40 value)

  3. Blues Visual Jams • Pack 3 ($40 value)

  4. Blues Visual Jams • Pack 4 ($40 value)

  5. Reggae Visual Jams ($30 value)

  6. Soul Visual Jams ($30 value)

  7. Jazz & Gypsy Jazz Visual Jams ($45 value)

  8. Motown Visual Jams ($50 value)

  9. Funk Visual Jams ($50 value)


Additional Resources

  1. 365 Guitar Plan Ebook ($29.99 value)

  2. Ebook Bundle ($9.99 value)

  3. 600+ Audio Jam Tracks ($120 value)

  4. 3x - Live Monthly Q&A Sessions ($900 = 3 x 300/hr. for typical interactive online lessons with Erich. )


PLUS, Lifetime Access to Every Product that is added to the YGS store in the future!


Value $1,197

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