dateTuesday 15 May 2012

The CAGED System

The CAGED System Guitar Chords and Major Chords

The CAGED system is an incredible method for understanding how to play several variations of any major chord across the guitar neck.

This is one of the secrets that my guitar teachers never taught me and I wish that they had!

For years I learned how to utilize open chords and bar chords all over the guitar neck by understanding where each chord root was at on the fretboard.  Many years later I heard about this CAGED system and was intrigued to know more.  Once I studied it, I realized that I knew it all along but just thought about it in a different way.

However, knowing the CAGED system and the spelling of the chords C, A, G, E, D truly helped my fretboard knowledge and my capacity to play more chords “on the fly”.

Feel free to download the CAGED system PDF that I have put together for your guitar knowledge.

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