Fingerstyle Mini-Course

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Fingerstyle Mini-Course

Have you tried to play fingerstyle guitar and get frustrated? Do you find your fingers getting tangled up in the strings, unable to execute what you're hearing in your head? If you've answered 'yes,' then the 'Fingerstyle Minicourse' is where you need to be.

What You'll Discover:

  • Finger Assignments: Understand which fingers to use for each string and the perfect timing for each note.
  • Skill-Building Exercises: Immerse yourself in practice routines that will steadily increase your fingerpicking dexterity.
  • Inside/Outside Technique: Learn the secret to altering chord voicings and creating melodies with simple string changes.

Why Enroll in the Fingerstyle Minicourse?

  • Community Support: Join a group of like-minded guitarists now enjoying fingerstyle guitar's beauty.
  • Expert Instruction: Receive guidance from a dedicated teacher passionate about helping you succeed.
  • Creative Expression: Finally, play the music you imagine precisely and gracefully.

If fingerstyle guitar has been a puzzle, it's time for clarity. Enroll in the 'Fingerstyle Minicourse' and start your journey to guitar mastery today. See you on the inside, where your fingerstyle adventure begins!

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