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Support Veteran Memberships

I've supported veterans since I created UGS in 2012. I also have many charities I support. As of the writing of this email, I have personally given away tens of thousands of dollars in guitars, over $1 million in courses to various charities, and over $3 million in courses to US veterans and active duty. We do not receive any tax write-offs for doing this as the government does not allow so with online courseware. All that said, we do all of this out of pure gratitude.


Even though we're giving courses away, there are still costs associated with doing so. Vetting students to determine validity, responding to charities that auction courseware, and other administrative duties are related to all this and incur expenses.


If you appreciate the heart behind this and have the means, your support will make a significant difference. We never want anyone to feel obligated, but if you feel so inclined, contributing here will allow you to "pay it forward" and help us continue to get courseware into the hands of those who need it most.


I truly appreciate you taking the time to read this. Your potential support means a lot to us!