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WARNING: After going through these ebooks you may have the sense of urgency to break out in sporadic jam sessions at 3 a.m., become a local guitar hero, or have the tendency out of the blue have rock star jamo facial expressions that are hard to control.     You can’t say I didn’t warn you.

Guitar Lesson ebooks


If you are looking for more of a “one-on-one” style video guitar lessons and more direct, learn this first then learn this, style approach to learning guitar then you will want to check out my best online guitar lessons.


Every master at every skill starts with the first step. Every guitar icon in every genre has always started as a beginner. What a fantastic place to start! The beginning! It is these beginning stages, also known as the fundamentals that make or break a guitarist. Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Joe Pass, Tommy Emanuel and any other great guitar player who you can think of had to develop the fundamentals of fretting, picking, strumming and all the other foundational skills first before moving on to intermediate and advanced styles. There is absolutely no way for one to skip a lesson and simultaneously gain that skill that that lesson teaches. We can indeed skip any lessons that we desire but only to the detriment of our own skill set.

If you think about it, there are really only three basic things happening at any point when one is playing the guitar and that is exactly why these fundamentals need to be developed. Those three things in no particular order are:

1. The fretting of single notes also known as melody, or multiple notes as in chords.

2. The striking of the strings, he whether that would be picking single notes with a guitar pick, strumming several strings at once or fingerpicking.

3. The knowing of what, when, how and why we are doing the first two things above. We like to call this music theory and if taught correctly in the appropriate order, it’s as easy as simple math.

So, beginner guitar lessons are not only necessary, but they absolutely will determine the success or failure of a guitar player. Because watching another guitar player who is well practiced makes playing guitar look very easy, one can mislead themselves into thinking that they should be working on the advanced techniques like the professionals instead of “wasting their time” with simple, skills that we often assume should be there already. I don’t know how you feel about picking up the guitar for the first time, but there is absolutely nothing that comes natural when playing guitar. It truly has everything to do with one’s practicing habits. Now, even though it may seem slow in the beginning, I can assure you that as a beginner, if you have a step-by-step system for learning, you will actually be learning the guitar much more quickly then when you reach intermediate and advanced stages. However, just as psychologists say that one’s personality, values etc. are created during the first seven years of a child’s life, this concept rings true for guitar as well.

Consider for a moment the foundation of any grand structure. Had Gustav Eiffel skipped the beginning stages of building his grand Parisian masterpiece, the Eiffel Tower, it most likely would not be standing today. This is true for any great structure, plan, dream or anything whatsoever. So again, why would we try to skip over the most important lessons that would make us the guitarists that we have always wanted to be?

And if that were not enough, there is “Pareto’s principle”. It states that, for many events roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. Said in a more simple manner, being well-versed at 20% of the right stuff, will allow you to take care of 80% of the job. If this is still unclear, let’s think about this for a moment. I would never consider myself a chef. However, I have been cooking for myself since I was a child. Am I good at it? Well, just like being good at guitar, this is a subjective matter and everyone’s opinion will differ. That said, I have never been to Chef school. I have never taken any courses in cooking. But yet somehow, I can cook all manner of dishes. How can that be? Pareto’s principle has already answered this for us. Basic cooking requires some basic skills such as how to turn on the stove, how to add ingredients, how to add salt and other low level, but very necessary pieces to the puzzle. If I watched my favorite chefs on TV and tried to mimic them without knowing the basics first, I would probably get very frustrated. But what’s more important is, I probably know only 20% of what there is to know regarding cooking, but yet I’m a fairly decent cook. I could insert an infinite number of examples that would support this notion, but by this point, I believe you know that this is truth.

So the knowing of this is the first part and the application is the second part. Faith without works is dead, right? That is, knowing what to do, but then not doing it is as helpful as not knowing what to do whatsoever. So, how can we remedy this? I’m so glad you asked. We can practice those fundamentals of proper fretting technique, playing on our fingertips, playing close to the fret, curling our last knuckle especially when playing guitar chords, learning proper posture and guitar placement, learning the often overlooked but most fundamental lesson of them all, the pick rest, learning proper strumming technique, learning some basic music theory, understanding the process of how to practice effectively, learning how to practice transitioning from one guitar chord to another, etc. Now here’s the deal, all of these techniques that I just mentioned are used 100% of the time when playing guitar, so not being absolutely proficient in these basic areas will mean that 100% of the time your guitar playing will suffer and 100% of the time others will see that you do not have the basics down. However, on the other hand, I have taught students who truly understood the benefits of those beginner guitar lessons and could comprehend why building a solid foundation in the basics was absolutely crucial to their success as a guitar player. I have seen guitar players who have only been playing guitar for one, two or maybe three years and they were playing better than many guitar players that I know who have been playing for decades. Why is that? Well, for those who believe in folklore and myths, they will tell you it is because they were born into a musical family, or that there hands were big, or that they were born with those skills (you know, like all those one, two and three-year-olds who are proficient on guitar). Well, if you haven’t sensed my sarcasm yet, then I will just say it, it has nothing to do with those myths, but has everything to do with how, how often, how long and how focused those guitarists practiced. I have also seen guitarists just barely get the basics down before moving on to more intermediate and advanced techniques and guess what? They sound like it. Just like one who speaks with big vocabulary words yet doesn’t say much, there are also those who speak with very simple language and speak volumes. Which would you rather be? I was literally playing a live gig last week when the band that went on before us had a guitar player who was playing with such soul and depth that I had to inquire about him. One of his band members told me that he had only been playing for three years. Now, this guitar player didn’t do anything fancy whatsoever. However, the basics that he played were played so well that I had no idea that he may not have been playing for decades already.

Now, if that is not enough cannon fodder to implore you to take some sort of beginner guitar lessons and to focus on building a solid foundation, think about this for a moment. Name a handful of your personal favorite songs. Got them? Of those favorite songs, how many of them would require the player to be a virtuoso master at their instrument? Chances are, it’s 20% or less, which is right in line with our Pareto principle. So now, let us know longer be concerned with intermediate and advanced techniques before having a firm grasp and mastery of the foundational beginner guitar lessons which will serve you well for any genre and at any time. Bottom line, you will never see a master at anything who has not first mastered the basics.

Okay, I am convinced! Now what? I’m glad you asked! Even though all the information that we should ever desire is available for free, we must know how to attain it. Just like all the gold, titanium and other precious metals and diamonds are readily available all over our planet, finding and mining them is the more tricky part. What I mean by this is even though many guitar players are “self taught”, having the correct pedagogy or step-by-step, fail proof guidance would almost always save them massive amounts of time, frustration, money and effort. Plus, the notion of “self taught”, is very misleading. Even though someone may not have a teacher or course, every guitar chord, scale, guitar lick and song is instruction itself. So even those guitar players who pride themselves on being self taught, anytime they learn a piece of music or musical principle from their guitar heroes, they are indirectly being taught from their guitar hero’s, guitar heroes. And also, why should one pride themselves on being self taught, when there is a plethora of great information at their fingertips that will help them advance so much more quickly than without that information?

My friend, I started playing guitar when I was 14 years old. I was in my first professional band at 16 years old and was recording in a professional studio at that same age. I started teaching my friends and family how to play guitar at about this time and soon found a great love in showing others how to play as well. Over the past three decades I have taught hundreds of students for thousands of lessons. Eventually, all of this teaching led to writing books and creating online courses so that I could reach many more people. Even though teaching 70+ one-on-one guitar lessons every week is a challenging and exciting job, I was still only able to reach one person at a time. As soon as I could start uploading lessons to the Internet and specifically YouTube back in 2006, I did so, knowing that I would be reaching millions of people. Since then, through my videos and online instruction, I have literally reached over 100 million people. I say this for two reasons.

1. Like you, I have found that many people have varying opinions on subjects, specifically on the Internet because anyone can write anything. Often times when one reads something that is written, there is some part of them that automatically believes that it is true. That is very unfortunate when what they come to believe is actually misinformation.

2. The second reason that I’m telling you this is so that you understand that the byproduct of all of this experience is a step-by-step system that is absolutely and unequivocally fail proof.

Even though teaching online has allowed me to reach an exponential amount of more students, the questions, comments and demands have also become more exponential. This is why I developed the Unstoppable Guitar System and my “Top 30 Guitar Lessons That All Guitarists Should Know”. Because I have a passion for guitar, a love for this world and helping out other beings who need help, I needed to create a system that once created, would help millions of people play the guitar for free.

My friend, if I can help you out in any way in regards to guitar, please let me know. For me, guitar has been a great solace in my life. It has become one of my meditations. It has kept me centered and made my life much more fun and exciting. As a youth, it kept me out of trouble and in my adult years allows me to share my playing and teaching abilities with the world.

Would you like to learn how to play guitar my friend? If you have made it this far, I am confident that you do. With desire, there is nothing that you cannot do. I have purposely created this course to start you from the very beginning stage. This is the place where EVERY great guitar player has started. Please feel free to take advantage of this offer. If you visited me here in Nashville and wanted to take one-on-one lessons from me, I would literally be teaching you the same exact material in the same exact order except it would be at my one-on-one rate of $200 an hour. That said, these first 30 guitar lessons might take us a year to do with the weekly one-on-one lessons at a half hour per lesson. This would easily equate to over $2000, or you can literally have this course for free, because I truly want to help you learn to play guitar.

So what are you waiting for my friend? The quicker you get started, the quicker you will realize that there is nothing holding you back from being the absolute, very best guitar player that you can be. Click on the link below to get started with my free program. Once you are inside, please message me on one of the videos just to say hi, so that I can welcome you! I am here to serve you. Please let me do so. Good luck, I’ll see you inside!