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So why eBook 2 and what should we expect to gain from studying it?  Chances are you already have The Ultimate Guitar Guide Part 1 and as you know from that resource and from the supporting videos, I originally set out to teach a lot of people all over the world with a method that was fun, painless and to the point. I have received literally thousands of letters/e-mails from countries saying that they don’t have the resources or money to take one-on-one lessons and that the only way they’ve learned how to play guitar was through YourGuitarSage.  For that I am so thankful and humbled.

I have also received, however, many letters from guitarists ready to go to the next level. That’s why there is Part 2 eBook! Part 1 eBook was essentially everything that I thought a beginning guitar player must know before moving on to intermediate and advanced techniques.  Part 2 starts were Part 1 eBook left off.  It’s the next step on your journey to becoming the player that I KNOW you can become with practice and discipline.

Much of what we did in Part 1 eBook is going to be built upon in Part 2 eBook.  Many guitar players can mimic another player, but often times they don’t know the “whys” of what they are doing or even how to be creative themselves.

This guide will unravel much of that.  Your fingers will be more challenged than ever before.  Your mind will be stretched much further as well.  There is a reason why babies drink milk from birth, yet as they grow older, start eating solid food. Part 2 IS the next level in your playing!  But don’t forget about the Blues Ebook if that’s what you are into. 😉

To answer your question…YES!  This is not your grandfather’s e-book 🙂 Part 2 eBook integrates diagrams, and links to video and other resources.

So exactly what does Ebook 2 cover?

  • The truth about practice versus talent

    Learn principles that will unlock your potential and mentally prepare you to be the best guitar player that YOU allow yourself to be.  This mindset separates the excellent from the mediocre.

  • Master the major scale

    I reveal five major scale patterns that you cannot do without.

  • Using the major scale

    What’s the use of knowing patterns if you don’t know how to apply them?  I show you the tricks and tools needed to be able to master these patterns in any song.

  • The most powerful scale in the world

    I teach you all about the major and minor pentatonic scales, show you all the forms and guide you to understand how you can use them on any song.  This is very powerful stuff and will allow you to start developing lead playing skills.

  • Learn how to play by ear

    For this section I show you my personal technique for how I unlock the same songs that I teach every day online.  This is a step-by-step process in how to conquer any song without the need for charts or other guidance, by just using your ear.

  • Springboards

    This is a technique that I’ve discovered over many years of playing that will unlock the guitar fretboard and allow you to know every note on the fretboard as if you had them all memorized.

  • Bar chords

    Add an additional 20 new chord forms to your chord vocabulary in one evening.  I unlock what you already know to reveal a whole new world of incredible chords.  I show you how to play these chord forms in every key adding an additional 240 new chords to your knowledge.

  • Insider’s guide to reading tablature

    Search the Internet over and you will be hard-pressed to find a tutorial that is this thorough.  Not only do I teach you how to read tablature, but you also learn the definitions and techniques that bring this notation to life.

  • The CAGED system

    Did you know that you can play the same chord in several places on the guitar neck?  I will show you the diagrams, prescribe a practice and show you how to think about this technique which will open up the fret board for you unlike ever before!

  • Easily double and triple your chord vocabulary in less than an hour

    I show you a simple technique with chord diagrams and sound files which will allow you to make seventh chords with any major or minor form that you already know and with the new forms that I will be showing you.

  • Bring your speed and dexterity to new heights

    I show you several dexterity techniques that I use to increase left and right hand speed, increase your dexterity, stretch your reach and tame your fingers to do what YOU want them to do.  This will help tremendously with the lead work and chord formation.

  • Learn how to finger pick

    I show you this classical technique and how to integrate it into rock, country and other popular styles.  I show you 28 variations to get you started which will allow you to add this brilliant technique to your playing style.

  • Learn how to construct major, minor and seventh chords all over the neck

    I unravel and make easy the idea of chord construction.  This technique allows you to form chords in any key all over the neck at your command. Instead of memorizing, this explanation will empower you to formulate chords on the spot.

  • Demystify relative major/minor

    This explanation and diagram will unlock this great theory lesson which will allow you to play minor scales in major keys, and major scales in minor keys.  Again this one will unlock the fret board and spark creativity.

  • Real world practice exercises

    After each section, I show you how to apply the concepts so that they instantly become part of your practicing instead of just words on paper.

  • Blank chord templates, tab and scale/fretboard templates

    I provide these so you can make your own fretboard maps.

  • And much more!

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