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Hi there,

This is Erich Andreas with YourGuitarSage and I just wanted to let you know a few things about The Ultimate Guitar Guide Part 1.

As you may already know, I’ve been a guitar teacher for over 25 years, have taught 100s of students and 1000s of lessons in one-on-one and class environments, as well as live and studio guitar work.  Here on the internet, I’ve made 100s of guitar “how to” videos and have taught millions of people all over the world for several years now.  I work with many artists and writers across the U.S. and I’m often times needing to cover a lot of material in a short amount of time.

I remember what it was like taking guitar lessons from different teachers and TRYING to learn from books. I remember the frustrations of wanting to learn faster, but did not have the resources or instructors that really cared about the teaching process or getting those ideas across. Because of all those experiences I made it my goal to teach in a whole new way (a way that is fun, exciting and moves along at a pace that is just right!)

So, I have assembled the most important lessons that you can learn on the guitar.  I have formulated these concepts/lessons into a streamlined document (accompanied by my many videos specifically designed to support the E-book).  This resource will ROCKET your productivity and fun on the guitar!

Part 1 is a culmination of all those years of finding out what I needed first and in what order.  I found out that there were things that were being taught to me, that were wasting my time, while there was a ton of information NOT being shared with me.  Because of that, I wanted to present a concise, no-nonsense electronic book that would allow for players to ramp their playing up VERY quickly, with a focused set of goals in sight.  There is only so much time in the day, and my thought is: make your practicing count!  Focus on what you do need and cut out what you don’t!  Once you have mastered these essentials, THEN you can move on to other areas of focus on the guitar.  Check out Part 2 when you are ready, The Ultimate Guitar Guide Part 2.

My philosophy with my students is: “If it’s not fun or rewarding, we are doing something wrong.” Music is MEANT to be fun, especially guitar.  You’ll never see rock stars playing with big scowls on their faces.  Why?  Because they are having a blast!!  And you should be too.  Sure, there is dedication and practice, but I can show you how that too can be rewarding and fun.

So what is this eBook all about?

The eBook is an electronic book that you can easily download and start learning from immediately.  The only thing you need is a PDF reader like “Adobe Reader” which you most likely have installed on your computer already.  This book is totally interactive with video, diagrams, sound, links to all sorts of resources and complete descriptions with accompanying videos of how to master each section.

So exactly what does Part 1 eBook cover?

  • Anatomy of the electric and acoustic guitar
  • Diatonic harmony primer. This is the cornerstone of pop/rock/blues/country music.  Knowing how it works unlocks SO much of what music is about.
  • How and when to use a capo so that you can play in every key and limit or avoid bar chords.  I teach you how to transpose and teach you how to know what key you are in.
  • Know your WHOLE fret board!  Know every note by name.  I teach you the basics of music theory and how to construct scales and chords.  Understanding all about sharps and flats, and where they are on the fret board
  • Understand the major scale and how to form it anywhere on the neck
  • How to read notes on the music staff
  • How to read chord stamps
  • Specifics on how to play open chords
  • How to play many of the open chords and inversions that you will end up using over and over again, for nearly EVERY song! These are the chords that you MUST know to play millions of songs.  YES millions!  This will unlock your playing abilities!
  • Strumming rhythms(the bane of many guitar players).  I will walk you through understanding how to always know if you are doing the correct thing with your strumming hand and how to get really good at strumming.
  • How to read chord charts so that you can chart songs on your own, or instantly play the charts that I provide(see below). Knowing this way of “reading” will allow you to interpret millions of songs immediately.  I also teach you the Nashville Number System-an incredible way of understanding how chords work together and how to change the key to any song easily.
  • Nashville Number System chart for quick deciphering of number system charts (until you get quick on your own)
  • 7 chord chart examples
  • Exercises for practicing chord charts
  • Chord noodling maps for embellishing chords and playing melodies and/or solos within your chord progression
  • Blank tablature for your transcriptions
  • Blank fret board for your transcriptions and fret board mapping
  • Blank chord stamps new chords that you encounter
  • Video Directory to navigate the videos for each subject represented
  • Exercises for developing all of these subjects.
  • Link to my chords resource page which will insanely increase your chord vocabulary by over a 1000 chords!  And yes these are chords that you will use and that I use every day.
  • And much, MUCH more!!!

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(Plus Ebook 2 and Blues Ebook)