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Guitar Improvisation On Major Scales and Chord Noodling

Have you ever wanted to know how a guitar player can play notes effortlessly all over the guitar neck and the notes that they choose always sound good?

Remember from our study of the major scale that for every key there is a certain set of notes that complement each other, as well as a certain set of chords.  I like to call this “chord noodling”, meaning you are “noodling” around with different notes while you are still playing the chords.  It’s a SUPER cool way of making a standard chord progression sound cool.

This is where the attachment comes REALLY handy!

Let’s say you are playing a song in the key of G and the chords are G, C, E- and D.  You could use the “Chord Noodling Maps In Open Keys” that I have attached to show you EXACTLY all the safe notes that you could play, while playing that chord progression.

Here you go!

PDF on Guitar Improvisation on Major Scales

So here is an exercise for you.  

If you know that a song is in one of the keys represented in the attachment, try to come up with an arrangement using some notes outside of the chord, but still in the key.

Check out these videos, if you still need help:

Guitar Chord Noodling Part 1

Guitar Chord Noodling Part 2


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