General Guitar Help

Q – I JUST got my guitar and don’t know where to start.  HELP!

A –
I got you covered!  Watch this!

Q – How do I tune my guitar?

A –
Precisely…  J/K!  check out this video

Q – I’m really FRUSTRATED and don’t think I’m cut out for guitar.  Any advice?

A –
DON’T give up!  EVERYONE feels this way at the beginning.  Battle through this and watch this!

Q – My fingers are too fat, or my hand is not big enough to play guitar.  I am REALLY having trouble playing chords and such.  Am I just not cut out for guitar?

A –
POPPYCOCK!  I have seen the blind play guitar.  I have seen people with no arms, play guitar with their feet.  There are NO reasons to not play guitar if you desire to do so.  However, there are a million excuses as to why you can’t.  It’s a scientific fact that if you do something in repetition, you will get better.  It’s impossible not to get better.  Your fingers are not too fat.  Keep practicing!  Trust me on this one.