dateThursday 26 Apr 2012

Blank Guitar Chord Charts in PDF Format

Also known as chord stamps, chord templates, and chord sheets.

When I started my guitar journey, I discovered so many chord and chord inversions that I needed a way to keep up with my thoughts and a system for “covering all the bases” when it came to mastering all my guitar chords.  Obviously there MANY guitar chords out there…several thousand, AT LEAST.  SO, I just kept a LOT of blank chord chart paper around and started my discovery of the guitar neck.

This is a great project for ALL guitar players that really want to demystify their instrument.

Please download this blank chord chart for diagramming your own chords.

I never had enough of these papers lying around as I was always coming up with new chord forms.  DIG IN!

Download The PDF Blank Guitar Chord Charts Below


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