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Taylor Swift Guitar Songs

So you love Taylor Swift and you play guitar?…

Then this is about to be “The Best Day” yet!

Seriously though, I’m going to show you “Our Song” and because “You Belong With Me” and you are “Mine” I must shout our “Love Story” from the highest mountain. So “Breathe” deeply, dry those “teardrops” on your guitar and hold my hand as we “Fearless”ly learn these Swifty favorites!

See what I did just did there?  he-he 😉

So here is what you need in order to play some Taylor Swift guitar…

You need to know how to play your basic open chords like: C, G, E-, A-, D etc.  If you don’t know how to please watch


If you are newbie and need to know how to play from step 1, make sure you get The Ultimate Guitar Guide Series Part 1, A capo (that “clipy” thing that you keep seeing on other peoples guitars…), and you need to know how to use it.

If you don’t know how to use it, check out:

If you don’t have one, GET ONE!  You will use it SO much with this style of playing.  If you don’t have one, you will have to play the chords as bar chords and if you are a new guitar player, you don’t want to do that.

Here are my two favorite capos:

Alrighty!  You are ready to learn!  There are several songs that I would suggest you learning before others.  This first set of songs are the “easy” songs.  If you DON’T know or want to play the “dreaded F chord”, then here are your 1st, four, “quick and easy” tunes:



“Our Song”


“Picture To Burn”


“White Horse”


If you want to master the “F” chord and be able to move on to these other songs, please watch the tutorial on “The Effing “F” chord:


Now that you have mastered the F chord, here are some more Taylor Swift tunes for you to learn.

“Back to December”


“Two is Better Than One” featuring Boys Like Girls




“Love Story”


“The Best Day”


WHEEEEEWWWWW!!!!  Are your fingers sore yet?  If not, keep going!  Remember that anything worth doing, is worth doing well.  The more you practice the better you get.

It’s impossible to NOT get better when you practice.  You may feel like it is going slower than you want, but trust me when I say, that it’s all about practice.

The equation is 99% practice and MAYBE 1% talent.

Don’t believe the lie that says you can’t do this because of this, that or the other excuse.  It’s just not true and a limiting thought process.  YOU CAN DO THIS!

If you need some encouragement in this process, please watch:


See ya Swifty fans!




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