dateWednesday 10 Jul 2013

Peaceable Kingdom

The Most Moving Documentary That I Have Ever Seen!

I recently watched a documentary named “Peaceable Kingdom” by an organization named “Tribe of Heart”. It is literally THE MOST POWERFUL DOCUMENTARY that I’ve EVER witnessed and this film has literally TRANSFORMED my life and my way of thinking. If I could put this documentary in the hands of every human on the planet, I would!!! It would literally turn this planet around. If you are tired of the way that things are in this world and want change, please go to: and view the trailer there. The DVD can be purchased directly from the website. However, I believe in this documentary SO MUCH that if you promise that you will watch this film in its entirety and share it with at LEAST one other person, I will pay for the DVD to be shipped to your doorstep. I would be paying for this with the same money that I feed my kid with, so I don’t have the money for folks to order the DVD and NOT watch it. If you do request it, please honor me by watching it and sharing it with somebody else, then I would be MORE THAN HAPPY to have it sent to you. After you watch it, please let me know how it has transformed your life. I continue to thank the man that shared this DVD with me. A TRUE gift of love!Send your request with your full name and address in a personal message on or or or email me at the website: and I will make sure you get one!

Thank you for taking the time to watch this video.


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