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 Music Theory For Guitar

You MUST know at least some basic music theory for guitar!

Music theory is “the study of how music works”.

If you have a friend that you love, you want to get to know them well, right?  Why?  So you can communicate with them better, because it’s fulfilling.  I know, me and my analogies… But if you love your guitar and music so much, what is keeping you back from mastering knowledge about your guitar fretboard? I promise it’s fulfilling as well.

Here are some REALLY basic guitar theory tips that you MUST memorize:

  • The musical alphabet is: A-G (notice how you have never played an H or I chord?)
  • From thickest to thinnest, the guitar strings names are: E A D G B E, because they SHOULD BE tuned to those notes.
  • The smallest movement that you can make on your guitar fretboard is ½ step, or 1 fret. (That’s moving from one fret to the next, up or down). A whole step is equal to 2 half steps(2 halves make a whole, right?)
  • The major scale, which is the cornerstone that 99.999% of all music is built upon, is constructed as W W H W W W H, where W=whole-step and H=half-step. To play this scale in any key:
    • Play the first note of your choice on the guitar(this is known as the tonic)
    • NOW, follow the W W H W W W H construction going up on one string and count 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 as you play each note going up. If you run out of frets, start lower. Repeat this until the process is second-nature.

There are a MYRIAD of other tricks and tips that will rocket your guitar playing, if you take the time to digest them.

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I posted my video on music theory for guitar below.  Have a quick watch and I would love to hear from you so leave your comments below the video.

FREEBIE!  PDF on Diatonic Harmony and Music Theory for Guitar


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