dateMonday 30 Jan 2012

You MUST understand that anything that’s worthwhile has a price.

Guitar skills are no different.

If I can tell you any “sage” advice ( sorry for the pun…), it would be for YOU to enjoy this process of learning the guitar. Every one’s learning progress seams WAAAAYYY slower then they want to progress. This has been true for EVERY great guitar player since the invention of the guitar.

Allow your guitar playing and practicing to be more like a marathon, than a sprint.

There are SO many awesome things to learn on the guitar; it’s going to take you a while to master many of the techniques.  But that’s okay, because today you are a better guitarist than you were yesterday and tomorrow you will be better than you are today.

It is very important to see yourself on this guitar continuum or spectrum, as you will see your progress and set your sights for your goals.  Guitar playing is meant to be FUN, exciting and rewarding.

Do yourself a favor and don’t always be looking at what you are not.  Slow and steady practice wins the race.  It’s IMPOSSIBLE to practice and not get better.

Please understand that your desire to learn faster than you are is a universal desire, by ALL guitarists and for that matter, ALL musicians.

Understand that mastering the guitar is a marathon, NOT a sprint!

I put together this video about this exact topic.  Watch it below and then leave your comments and feedback below the video.




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