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How To Tune Your Guitar

I can’t tell you how many beginner guitar students have come to me after a week and said they stopped playing a few days ago because their guitar fell out of tune.

For the love of Jimi(Hendrix), we aren’t changing a tire here. We are just tuning a guitar 🙂 You MUST master this skill.

Here are some quick tips on How To Tune Your Guitar:

  • If you can, grab a reference note(tone) from a tuning fork or another instrument you know to be in tune. Tune one of your strings to it (i.e.-tune your A string to an A from a piano), then tune the other strings to that “in-tune” string.
  • ALWAYS tune UP to a note, NEVER down. If you are very sharp, tune below the note and THEN tune it up into pitch. If you are just a little bit sharp, give the string a little tug to flatten it below pitch. THEN tune it up.
  • Tug the string a little bit before bringing it up to pitch. There is always just a little bit of slack in the string which will cause it to go out of pitch if you don’t pull it out.
  • Moisture and temperature affect string tuning.
  • ALWAYS BE IN PRECISE TUNE.  Don’t be lazy on this.  You could be playing the best licks in the world, but if you are not in tune, it will sound bad.  Don’t settle for mediocrity!
I put together a video for you guys on how to tune your guitar and you can check it out below.  Give me your feedback, responses, and comments below the video as well.


See there, How To Tune Your Guitar is not so hard.

You may download this two PDF files for FREE just for being cool for reading this blog post and visiting  It will help you with while learning to tune your guitar properly.

Guitar Strings and Tuning Your Guitar:

Tuning Your Guitar to a Piano or Keyboard:


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