dateFriday 11 May 2012

How To Read Chord Diagrams or Chord Stamps

I wanted to touch on this topic real quick about how to easily read chord diagrams or often called chord stamps.

Above you can see the diagram of a chord stamp but I wanted to go into more detail on HOW TO read chord stamps.

How do you read guitar chord diagrams?

How do you decipher what all those dots, strings and guitar frets mean?

How do you know what fingers go where on the fretboard?


That’s why we have chord diagrams or chord stamps(if you are old school).  If you know how to read these chord diagrams, you will have a new world of guitar possibilities that open up for you.

What better way than to give you a FREE PDF on exactly just that. 🙂

I have confidence that if you review this PDF you will be able to finally learn how to read chord stamps.

If you have struggled reading these chord stamps in the past then I assure you this will be erased and now you have the skill of reading them.

Take a few minutes to review over the PDF and if you still have any questions then fill free to leave them in the comments below.

Thanks again for all your support and keep on rawkin!



Download the Free PDF on How to Read Chord Stamps and Chord Diagrams


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