dateWednesday 27 Apr 2016

How To Practice Guitar Using Songs – Free Registration Starting Now

Hey my friends! Are you looking for a way to practice guitar by maximizing your efforts when learning songs? Having a hard time coming up with a good practice routine? Or maybe you need help with conquering bar chords? If you answered yes to any of those questions you will want to attend our next live webcast and you can register for free here:

OR you can also visit to register and receive my 28 Day Practice Plan for free.

We have a ton of giveaways during the live webcast (over $1,000 worth). You can check out all my product reviews of each prize in the giveaways here:


My 28 Day Practice Plan FREE download when you register for this live webcast. This is the perfect daily planner to follow to help you stay focused and quickly get the results you’ve been looking for.

Go here to register for free and to be able to download my 28 Day Practice Plan for Free:

This Live Webcast Will Begin on Sunday, May 1st at:

3pm Eastern
2pm Central
1pm Mountain
12pm Pacific

I look forward to seeing you guys this Sunday! This one will be a lot of fun so don’t miss out my friend.

I hope you enjoyed this video lesson. Check out the original video on my YouTube Channel and don’t forget to Hit Subscribe: How To Practice Guitar Using Songs – Free Registration Starting Now


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