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 How To Play Open Chords

Once my one-one-one guitar students have developed some basic techniques, I’ll introduce them to some open guitar chords. Open guitar chords are those chords that have some guitar strings that are “open”, as opposed to bar or barre chords which don’t have any open strings. An open string is a string that is played, but not fretted.
If I had G, C, D, E-, A- and a capo, I could play 90% of the pop/rock/country songs that have ever been written. THAT is why I preach this so heavily in my videos.

My goal is to teach you as much as possible, in as easy a way as possible so that you LOVE the guitar like I do!!
If you add another 7 or so guitar chords to the 5 above, you will be able to play another 5% more songs. SOOO, this is a VERY powerful tool set for us guitar players. So much so, that the few hundred songs that I teach on YouTube typical only have open chords in them.

Here are some basic tips for playing good clean open guitar chords:

    • Make sure you have mastered the basic technique that I preach about:  fingertips, curled top knuckle, etc.
    • Strum VERY slowly through your chord as if combing slowly through your hair. We are trying to find “knots” in your chord…Actually, we are trying to see if any of the notes are being muted, etc. Playing slowly like this will reveal those. Once you hear a note NOT being as it should, observe why, adjust your hand/fingers accordingly and play the chord slowly again. Repeat until you get the chord right or you have to rest your hand for a minute.
    • Once you get your basic open chords feeling a bit better, try changing between two chords, going back and forth slowly. This memory exercise will help TONS!! I call this, “transitions” and the only way to get good at it, is repetition. Don’t pull your hair out during this process. YOU WILL GET IT with practice!!! Ninja guitar skills take time and concentration. DON’T give up!
Here is a video I recorded with me going over open chords. Enjoy!

Download this Free PDF on How To Play Open Chords just for being cool and stopping by my website.


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